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Bet you never thought I'd update this again. Neither did I. Well, I knew I would SOMEDAY. Anyway, here it is...Got the new Son Volt CD coming out on Rounder Records on July 7, 2009. I play Pedal and Lap Steel, keyboards of all sorts, and backup vocals, along with recording the bulk of it in St Louis at Jay's and here at home at the TAPE KITCHEN USA. We'll be touring around with the Cowboy Junkies, who I haven't seen for ages, since I did a tour with them and Freedy. Continued touring later on throughout the year (check the schedule, if you dare) .... some other releases I play on coming out (or out already!) with Clare Burson, Jim Keller, Anders Parker, The Botlle Rockets, Laura Cantrell, etc etc. I'll TRY to get it all up in here soon. Did some gigs with both the Pretenders and a Los Lobos gig last winter which were fabulous. Have also done some recording for Jenny Scheinman and Robbie Fulks, hoping to do more soon. Looking forward to a new Recording King guitar and working with them in the future...more soon with links when I get the rest sorted, thanks for hanging in there!